The First Fifty Fixes

Just in time for World Spay Day, my five-year dream of a "spay-a-thon" one-day event became a reality. What an extraordinary day it was! Forty-three felines were spayed or neutered this past Monday, February 22, 2016 at the People For Animals Clinic in Robbinsville, NJ during The 50 Feral Fix. The remaining seven will be coming in during the next week or so - as soon as they decide to walk into those traps!

We were so very fortunate to be able to collaborate with Donna Hildreth and Cheryl Vitow, President, of North Brunswick Humane Association. Donna brought us to meet Jane Guillaume, Executive Director, and Devon Francis, Outreach Coordinator, at People For Animals. I'll be honest . . . although I could easily picture an all day spay/neuter event like this, the myriad of details were pretty fuzzy in my mind. But with Donna, an experienced trapper who is the Community Cat Program Coordinator for NBHA and the amazing professionals at PFA, who have been doing spay/neuter since 1980, the details were clearly covered.

Of course we discovered a few things that could have been done more efficiently or differently. But for a first attempt The Fifty Feral Fix was fabulous! Enjoy the slideshow below to see some of the happenings throughout our 12-hour day.

Huge thanks to the following folks who volunteered at the clinic:

  • North Brunswick Humane Association: Donna Hildreth, Nancy Bianca-Pavley and Laurie Steiner.
  • People For Animals: Jane Guillaume, Devon Francis, Dr. Iris Biely (spays), Dr. Laurie Heeb (neuters) and Cheryl (recovery)
  • Donna Halligan-Whitehead and Madeline Sunga

To the trappers, who give tirelessly of their time in all kinds of weather and who frequently pay for supplies and sterilization out of their own pockets, we were happy to be able to support you in your endless quest to help the ferals. Thank you.

So, what's next? We're diligently working on a couple of other collaborations for more "fixes" in the future at various locations. You can help by donating or volunteering. Who's in? Contact me at: if you want to help fix the next fifty . . .

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    • Hi Joann. We (harnesslife) do not do spay/neuter surgeries. Prices will vary, depending upon geographical location and veterinarian or clinic. If you’re searching for low cost options, please check the links for Health Resources on our website at Thanks for commenting and good luck in your search.

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