Reaching A Milestone & Extending Our Influence

Why are our spokespups forming the number 10? They are celebrating a milestone – a $10,000 ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grant milestone! Truth be told, we hit that target in late Spring 2015 and it spawned a period of reflection, assessment and planning. Although we felt we were doing very “good work” by supporting the rescue groups, we also felt we could be doing a better job of keeping companion animals out of the shelters in the first place.

We decided to wait, so that we could both celebrate our milestone and launch some of our new initiatives. Our focus will now include individuals – pet owners, people looking to add pets to their families, and people struggling to keep pets in their families. In addition to adding resource links and contacts on our website, we are ramping up our community outreach and education efforts, too. We continue to discover that “regular folks” just aren’t aware of programs and organizations that can provide help, nor are they aware of the content or scope of pet related laws and their enforcement. There are a couple of new initiatives in the works, too, as we collaborate with other organizations to reach our common goals. We will announce them soon.

Tiffany Tan, Graphic Designer

Tiffany Tan, Graphic Designer

You may have noticed our new look and some of the new links on this site. is thrilled to introduce two new special and talented volunteers who have helped to create these changes. First is Tiffany Tan, who describes herself as “a passionate Singaporean based graphic designer and ardent animal lover.” It’s our first long-distance venture with a volunteer and we cannot be more pleased. Tiffany has taken great care to understand our organization and has exceeded our expectations with her creative designs – we love the new logo and color scheme! She is working on a couple of other projects for us and we are eager to see the outcomes.

Noemi Rodriquez, Writer

Noemi Rodriquez, Writer

Noemi Rodriguez is a writer from Kansas and our second very successful long-distance experience with a volunteer. She contacted us in September and made her debut with the post, Sniffing Out The Perfect Home. Noemi is delightful to work with and is writing a monthly series of posts on a variety of topics addressing ways to help families keep their companion animals. She has translated educational materials into Spanish and has worked with her local library to review children’s books. We look forward to working together on several exciting projects!

I have always said, “we are a small, but mighty group of dedicated volunteers.” But NOW we must expand our volunteer power to be able to reach our new, extended goals. Here are our immediate needs: Volunteer With Us. Take a moment to read our list; take another moment to share it with others who might be interested.

Please consider joining us – we need your help. Together we can make a tremendous difference to #StopRoverpopulation.


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We are an all volunteer nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that initiates, promotes and supports strategies to prevent cat and dog overpopulation.

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