My Morning To Shine

I knew something was up. Why was I getting a pawdicure – and not Lola, too? Why was Dee ironing only one green bandana? Why were we practicing “on your rug” again and again?

I found out soon enough. Dee put me and a pile of stuff (including that little green rug) into the car very early last Friday morning. So early, in fact, that I didn’t even get to eat breakfast! I kept thinking, “This can’t be good . . . ” Fortunately it wasn’t a long ride – not like when we’re dragging that doghouse on wheels around. But when we arrived about 20 minutes later, I wasn’t so sure about getting out of the car.

Oh, and those big, noisy, scary doors! It took me three tries to get through ’em . . .  phew! But once I got to the other side, there were so many nice people! They were all talking to me in silly, squeaky voices. I kept thinking, “What the heck are they all saying?” and “Why are they all coming over to ME?”

Then, we met Erin, our 7th grade helper and guide for the morning. She was great and took us for a long walk to another room filled with lots of desks and chairs. Dee said, “This is our classroom, Alvin.”  as she put my rug on the floor near the wall . . .  I remembered “on your rug” and was perfectly happy to stay there, safe and protected from the swarm of kids flowing into the room.

Dee started talking, giving the kids candy kisses, talking some more and showing pictures of lots of dogs and cats. A couple of pictures were of me (but I looked awful and so skinny and scared.) Then, she asked me to come with her to the middle of the room so that the kids could “meet” me . . .  They showered me with affection! I loved all the attention! And, we did all this THREE times in a row! Boy, was I ever tired and glad to get back in the car.

Once we got home, Lola sniffed me all over and wanted to know where I had been. However, she was quite pleased with the presents I brought her from Mrs. Kusnier and her homeroom (Thank you!). All I wanted to do was eat my breakfast (finally!) and take a nap. Dee insisted on giving me lots of kisses and said, “Good boy, Alvin! You helped me reveal the untold stories about what’s happening to homeless cats and dogs – and you showed the kids that there’s hope, especially for pitbulls!”

Even though I don’t know what being a “pitbull” means, I’m glad I made Dee and all those students happy. I’m just a dog who likes to give kisses. I just want to be a “Good Boy Alvin!”


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Alvin joined the team in August 2014 after winning a two-week battle with parvo. He originally lived in a Northern NJ municipality, where he was severely neglected. Luckily he was rescued by Second Chance Pet Adoption League and came to us as a "foster" pup. He is enjoying life in the country and continues to grow and learn in his role as Junior Spokespup.


    • Thank you, Stacy! Lola has been setting a great example and he follows her lead. They are both awesome ambassadors for the “common dawg”. 🙂

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