2014 ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grants – Part II

These are some of the dogs and puppies that we were able to help throughout 2014 with harnesslife.org ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grants.

March 2014: A spay for Remy (Bella-Reed Pitbull Rescue)


April 2014: A neuter for Blake (A Pathway To Hope)

May 2014: Spays for Princess Zee, Velveta and Virginia (Second Chance Pet Adoption League)


September 2014: A neuter for Alvin (Second Chance Pet Adoption League)

October 2014: A neuter for Spencer (Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue)

October 2014: A spay for Nora; a neuter for Finn (Dog Town Rescue)


October 2014: Spays for Minnie and Daphne; Neuters for Mickey and Donald (Diamonds In The Ruff)

December 2014: A neuter for Elvis (Sunrays Pit Bull Rescue)


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