2014 ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grants – Part I

The harnesslife.org facebook newsfeed is filled with pleas asking for rescues to save a shelter dog on a kill list. Once in a while, we’ll reach out to try to help one that especially pulls on our heartstrings. We pledge a $100  ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grant to the rescue that takes in the pup, in the hopes that this will entice at least one cash-strapped group to step up. Sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn’t.

Here are our 2014 attempts that had happy endings.

Gracie was spayed by Second Chance Pet Adoption League; then Rescue Ridge took her in and found her a home.


Onyx was a senior girl; Murray was already neutered, so Rescue Ridge used the harnesslife.org pledge money to spay/neuter other pups.


Derby was saved and neutered by Fern Dog Rescue.


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