More Teeth To Protect Pet Purchasers

Yesterday, Governor Christie signed NJ bill, S1870 into law. It will go into effect on June 1, 2015. This law establishes additional requirements, and penalties for failure to comply, concerning information to be provided to persons purchasing cats or dogs from pet shops. For the complete wording of this legislation, click HERE.

We’ll be following the successes and consequences (unintended as well as intended) as this legislation rolls out.

Click HERE for a *.pdf of our brochure that gives an overview of this new legislation.

Click HERE for an updated NJ Dept Of Consumer Affairs Brief.

Click HERE for the full text of the law.

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    • Hi and thanks so much for your question! It’s the question that came to our minds – and that was not clearly stated in S1870 (now NJ P.L. 2015, c.007). This law is an amendment to P.L. 1999, c.0336 and both pieces of legislation are aimed at consumer protection. The proper place to report stores for noncompliance (consumer fraud) is NJ Department Of Law And Public Safety / Division of Consumer Affairs. I called them today, just to make sure that they were the correct folks to contact. Here’s a link to the website: Or, it might be easier to call them at 973-504-6200.

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