2013 ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grants

In 2013 harnesslife.org continued to raise money to build our ♀Spay & ♂Neuter Fund. Lola presented our first grant of 2013 right after the start of the new year. We had a very busy January and continued throughout 2013, as funds allowed.


S&L Animal Rescue, January 2013


S&L Animal Rescue beneficiary, Daisy, who arrived in NJ with her puppies via Pilots N Paws.


Animal Rescues R Us, January 2013 – These nine beneficiaries are Holly Hound’s puppies. (Our grant for Holly was presented in October 2012.)


Tri-State Rescue, January 2013. This grant for three spays traveled back to Georgia to target the source. We met with Jan and her colleague when they were in NJ on transport. Their rescue will only take puppies if the owner allows the mom dog to be spayed, too.


Penny Lane Senior Dog Rescue & Sanctuary didn’t need a ♀Spay ♂Neuter grant in April, 2013. Instead, we delivered a bunch of food, treats and toys that was donated to us by Brownie Troop 80847 after our “Responsible For Rover” presentation.


A Pathway To Hope, November 2013


Some of the TNR kitties that were beneficiaries of our November 2013 ♀Spay ♂Neuter grant.


Bella Reed Pit Bull Rescue, November 2013


Mom dog, Destiny, was a beneficiary of Bella Reed Pit Bull Rescue’s November 2013 grant.


Destiny’s five “Twilight” puppies were also beneficiaries of the same Bella Reed grant.


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