And The 2014 Winners Are . . .

2014ContestWinnersPWSWe’ve tallied all of the votes and here are this year’s Photos With Santa contest winners:

Dec 6th: Clinton – Henry

Dec 13th: Branchburg – Honey

Dec 14th: Flemington – Casey

Dec 20th: Penny & Grimm

Thank you to all of the participants! We will let you know the recipients of the Spay/Neuter Grants as soon as we hear back from our winners.

But wait . . . we want to recognize a herculean effort by one other pup and her humans. Although they did not bring in the top number of votes in their contest, they DID get the second highest number of votes overall (more than each of the other three winning photos!) We asked Santa to look carefully in his ’empty’ pack to see if maybe there was just one more grant. Lo’ and behold! He found one more!

2nd Place Overall (and in the Dec 20th contest) – Pepsi

Thank you to everyone for your generous support. Let’s keep this spirit going throughout 2015; when we work together, we can prevent Roverpopulation!

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We are an all volunteer nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that initiates, promotes and supports strategies to prevent cat and dog overpopulation.


  1. Awesome! Thanks Santa (and Lola and Alvin and their humans). Megan chooses St. Hubert’s. I will email you. Maybe we can meet you there one day so M can give it in person…

    So excited! Thanks!!!!!

    • You’re so very welcome! And thank YOU for helping to spread the message for us by asking folks to vote in our contest. I’ll be contacting St. Hubert’s today and look forward to you and Megan joining us to present the grant! Great job, Megan!

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