Good Newz: Nov 25, 2014

We love to report good newz in triplicate! Today we even have double triplicate good news . . .

1. Recent ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grants have been given to three pups who were rescued from “death row” – all at the same Northern NJ inner city pound.


This is Mona, rescued by Second Chance Pet Adoption League.


This is Elvis, saved by Sunrays Pitbull Rescue.


This is Kat, pulled by Halfway Hounds Rescue.

2. We’ve been following the stories of the Helmetta Animal Shelter for quite a while now. For those of you who may not know, the conditions and practices in that municipally run shelter have been quite questionable. Yesterday, the Helmetta Borough Council voted in favor of granting receivership of the shelter to the NJSPCA for a minimum period of ninety days.

We will be reaching out to several of the rescue groups that have been granted permission to pull animals from Helmetta during this transition. Stay tuned for more good news on this situation!

3. Today, Lola and I are headed to visit Daisy Troop 6119 in Northern NJ to help them learn more about taking responsibility when you have a pet. We try to make the kids think as we engage them in a hands-on workshop. Actually, Lola is the magnet that captures their attention . . . Here’s a pic from our visit with last year’s Daisy Troop.

The girls listen as Dee tells Lola's story.

The girls listen as Dee tells Lola’s story.

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