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LolaGot1Hour01It’s a rainy day and I’m sitting here wishing we were back in Maryland RVing with the pups. We were almost completely surrounded by fall color and the weather was beautiful – not at all like it is here today.

Now I’m thinking about the animal shelter that was not more than 20 minutes from our campsite in the woods. Approximately 60% of their resident animals are cats, with almost one third of them black (the hardest to re-home.) The remaining residents are almost ALL pit bulls or pit mixes, at 87% of the pups! What are these folks asking for? They need more people to foster animals so they can save more – exactly like it is here today.

In the past few days I’ve received several emails and many, many requests on our facebook feed pleading for people to foster. Is this just the way it is? Are there just too many cats and dogs and not enough homes? I don’t know. But I ponder those questions constantly, looking for a solution – any solution – that maybe hasn’t been seriously considered before.

Tonight, Maddie’s Institute is offering a one-hour webcast at 9pm EST, entitled,”Secrets To Pet Foster Program Success“. I’ll be watching. Maybe it can help some of you in rescue groups who are so desperately seeking folks to foster. Maybe it can convince those of you who are teetering on the brink of fostering to just “go for it.” Or, maybe there will be one more idea that we can glean . . . the very one that will lead us to an undiscovered great solution to pet overpopulation.

So, do you have just 1 hour this evening? I do. I’m using the “extra” hour I gained after turning the clocks back from Daylight Savings Time during our last RV trip. 🙂


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