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TippiSnow-LogoAs Lola and I walked in this morning’s frigid temperatures, I couldn’t help but think of all the feral felines suffering through this cold weather. It’s so sad to think that some will undoubtedly succumb to larger, hungry wildlife searching for breakfast. In New Jersey, however, many of these cats do survive in managed colonies, supported by kind and diligent volunteers. Today I want to tell you about one such group of volunteers.

We first spoke with folks at A Pathway To Hope during an event this summer and learned that they rescue northern breed dogs from southern states. Then, in October, we discovered their TNR (Trap Neuter Return) work from an email sent by one of their co-founders, Amy Hofer. She wrote:

We have recently received urgent requests to TNR (trap, neuter, return) a total of over 30 cats in the next month, and funds are needed to be able to help these cats before the weather gets too cold to release them (with shaved abdomens). 
  • 7 cats in East Hanover, NJ in a colony that Pathway will be taking over from another rescuer who is moving out of state.
  • 20 cats in Lake Hopatcong, NJ nearby to a colony that Pathway has supported over the last 3 years.
  • 5 cats in North Haledon, NJ cared for in a small backyard colony.
Pathway’s TNR program includes trapping feral cats, having them fully vetted, then returning them to their environment with support. Shelters and feeding stations are set up and monitored by volunteers. We also work with rescuers who have farm-type settings for those cats that we cannot return, as they are unadoptable (feral) but also unable to survive in their original surroundings.
Our intent is to trap, evaluate, fully vet and return (if unable to adopt and healthy) as many cats as possible in Lake Hopatcong, North Haledon and East Hanover prior to the start of the winter.  After all adults have been altered we will continue to monitor and trap new entrants to the colonies.  Each colony will have shelters for inclement weather and a food station.  Volunteers come daily to feed the cats and ensure that their entry to and from the shelter is clear and safe.

Harnesslife.org appreciates and supports the good work of A Pathway To Hope. They are somewhat unique in their approach, as they recognize – and actively practice – synergistic partnerships with other rescues and animal welfare organizations. We recently visited them at one of their adoption events so that Lola could give them a ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grant for five of those ferals! I hope you enjoy the photos of our visit, including the pics of the felines that were helped by our grant . . .

Please visit A Pathway To Hope’s website and facebook page. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to support them or your local TNR program as you remember the kitties surviving the cold temperatures this winter!


Lola waits for the volunteers to join her . . .


Lola presents a ♀Spay ♂Neuter Grant to some of the volunteers from A Pathway To Hope rescue.


Two pups, adopted from Pathway, get ready for photos during a Halloween fundraiser.


T-shirts, books and donations are sources of much-needed funds.


Here are the five ferals that were funded by the harnesslife.org ♀Spay & ♂Neuter Grant!


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