50 Ways . . . And Not Just Spays – Part 6

Need something to read while you’re outside enjoying the first days of summer? Lola suggests our next installment! As Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month draws to an end, we focus on five ways you can help feral cats:

36. Get informed; learn about feral cats. Many of the cat rescue groups that specialize in managing feral cat colonies have very good web sites describing Trap-Neuter-Return and the benefits of managing feral cat colonies instead of trying to destroy them.

37. Make an inexpensive and simple feral cat shelter, then donate it to a local TNR organization. Directions are here.

38. Volunteer with cat TNR groups to monitor cats after surgery or for other tasks such as record keeping and cage cleaning

39. Send letters or sign petitions on issues related to cats. Ally Cat Allies has a thorough compilation of links that make it easier for you to take action. Check it out here.

40. If you notice a growing number of cats in your area, create an informal TNR program with a group of your neighbors. There are many good resources to help you get started.  Remember, just feeding stray cats doesn’t combat the problem.

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