50 Ways . . . And Not Just Spays – Part 2

As we continue to list ideas to combat Roverpopulation, let’s look at ways to prevent the need to surrender your pet to a shelter! What are five things you can do before you get a pet?

6. Choose the right pet for you and your family. Research the species, research the breed, then ask questions about the temperament of the particular pet that you are considering. This will help you make a good match.

7. Make sure that all family members are on board. Does everyone in the family really want this pet? Consider time, energy levels, schedules, allergies and whether or not they even like the animal.

8. Think about all the responsibilities of pet ownership before deciding to get a pet. They could need to be walked (or their environment cleaned), exercised regularly, fed multiple times a day, bathed or groomed, and given plenty of attention.

9. Recognize all of the costs involved in taking good care of your pet.  In addition to the cost of adopting or buying, remember to include food, supplies, toys, health care, licensing, pet sitting, training, as well as unexpected or emergency expenses.

10. Always make a lifetime commitment to your pet. When you decide to bring a pet into your life, it should be for the pet’s lifetime!

Next week we’ll outline more ideas for things you can do after you get your pet. Stay tuned!

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