New voices in the New Year

As HarnessLife.Org moves into the New Year it’s time to add to the voices here; I’m the first of the new bloggers. I’m [wpw], photographer, techie, and supporter of spay-neuter as the best method to combat roverpopulation.

I don’t own a dog or cat – I’m especially allergic to cat dander. Thus I have many feline friends. I’ll be blogging from the non-pet-owner viewpoint; what the person not versed in rescue or fostering or spay-neuter sees.

Thanks to Dee, Paul, Lola and especially Tippi for inviting me aboard!

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With a lifetime commitment of enjoying other people's pets (due to allergies), Bill brings the useful perspective of the non-owner to the table. As a technologist, educator and photographer he hopes to bring multiple channels to bear on the problem of pet overpopulation.

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