I’m A Thankful Pup

I’ve had a bit of time to think these past few days as the humans were scurrying around preparing today’s Thanksgiving feast. Thought I’d try to help out today by posting another blog for them. Those of you who’ve been following these posts have discovered that I do fill in here from time to time – so here are my top ten reasons to be thankful today:

I’m thankful for the way the sun comes in the window at exactly the right angle each afternoon, so I can take a wonderful sunbath on my favorite couch in Dee’s office.

I’m thankful for my regular walks – I just love sniffing all the new and interesting smells outside every morning (someday I am going to catch that neighborhood fox . . . )

I’m thankful for all my fun doggie friends in the neighborhood and in our family. (I’m especially thankful for my playdates with my best bud, Charlie!)

I’m very thankful for the wonderful aromas in the house today. I’m smelling this one very favorite of mine right now – one that the humans call “giblets” or something. I bet my dinner tonight is gonna be just awesome!

I’m thankful for S&L Rescue – and all the groups and good shelters – who save so many animal lives. They’re the folks (especially Lisa) who saved my life that day in WV by making the choice to bring me to NJ.

I’m thankful for my first foster family (Dianne & Glenn) who took such good care of me and my little puppies. We were all very sick and needed lots of medicine and good food to get well again. The world needs more good foster families . . .

I’m thankful for the loving families who adopted six of my babies. I do not worry about their safety or their heath or if they will have enough to eat. I am confident that they will live long, happy lives. We were the lucky ones –  there are not enough families to adopt all the pets that are born each year.

I’m thankful that my one baby boy, who was so very sick, could pass quickly and peacefully on to Rainbow’s Bridge, having known the love and warmth of caring humans. Too many animals suffer and eventually just die – both in the shelters or by being ignored and left outdoors.

I’m thankful that there are many humans who make the right decision to spay or neuter their pets! They realize that it’s best to stop pet overpopulation at the source. Their pets are happy and loved – and don’t add to the problem by producing litters of unwanted animals.

And, I’m so very thankful that I have the opportunity to help others learn about how they can choose to be proactive and take positive action to help combat Roverpopulation! (Ya know, I really don’t mind dressing up and sitting still for pictures all that much . . . I get so many yummy treats during those photo shoots!)

I’m wishing that all the humans, pups, kitties and other animals could have as happy, safe and loving a Thanksgiving as I am having this year.

Tell me . . .  what is your pet thankful for today? I’d love to hear about it!

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As one of the founding members of harnesslife.org, Lola has more than six years of experience in her role as Senior Spokespup. Lola hails from West Virginia and was rescued by S&L Animal Rescue in April 2010. Her constantly wagging tail, sweet disposition and AKC Canine Good Citizen certification make her perfect for the job!

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  1. Oh Lola Bean…You’ve made me tear up (in a good way). You were my first Momma & pups grouping that I had ever fostered. I didn’t know what I was doing or if what I WAS doing was right. You always gave me a kiss to let me know I was doing just fine and gave me the confidence that I still have today. To this day, I’m not sure if you shower me with kisses because you remember me or if you do that with everyone. I like to think it’s because you know I was doing everything I could to get you through the tough “medical stuff” you had goin’ on. So, this Thanksgiving I would like to thank YOU for being patient with me while you were in my care. You and Dee do so much to raise awareness about rescues, shelters, and overpopulation to young and old alike and the message is priceless. Be sure to get some turkey today – you deserve it!
    Dianne & Glenn
    Your Foster Parents while with S&L Animal Rescue

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