We’re smack in the middle of it. The deluge of kittens and cats that flood into animal shelters and rescues this time of year is upon us. As cats tend to go into heat more during warmer weather, they tend to give birth to higher numbers of their young. This year, because of a mild winter and an early spring warm up, the problem is even bigger. It’s euphemistically called “kitten season”.

Actually, it’s a time when shelter workers and rescue volunteers scramble to find foster and adoptive families. Those that are “low” or “no” kill pack the felines in like sardines, trying to save as many as they can. Other facilities report euthanizing 200 or more a month, just to make room for the next box of kittens coming through the door.

It’s all because of a highly preventable problem. There are SO many resources available! (See our “Links” page.) Why do some folks still take their unaltered (and now unwanted) cats and kittens down the road and just dump them? This quickly adds to the problem, as each fertile cat can produce one to two litters (each averaging four to six kittens) per year.

June is designated as Adopt A Shelter Cat Month by the ASPCA. You can help by opting to adopt a cat. Better yet, support those groups that are doing a good job of combating the overpopulation problem at its source through no or low cost spay/neuter and TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs. Be part of the solution.

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