Back To High School: The Hunterdon Polytech Pre-Vet Program

Let's see . . .  posters, netbook, cables, 600 "puppies" (that's 3 bags of approximately 200 pink and blue styrofoam puppy blocks), handouts, pail of candy "rewards"  . . .  oh yes - and Lola, dressed and ready for her part in a two hour presentation to the Pre-veterinary students at Hunterdon County Polytech. Phew!

What a terrific group of high school students! Program Director, Taryn Romanczak, covers a LOT of material during the course of the full-year program. We were fortunate to be a part of it, presenting on October 14th for the entire morning session. Lola charmed everyone in the class, too!

A segment of the workshop featured our "Too Many Puppies? You Do The Math!" activity that demonstrates the exponential growth of a fictitious group of intact pups. Enjoy the pictures below that show the students as they discover what happens over a three-year time period!

We'd be happy to present this - or other - age-appropriate workshops & talks about the issues related to Responsible Pet Ownership and Pet Overpopulation. Do you know of any groups who might be interested?

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