Alvin Goes RVing


We’ll let the pictures tell Lola’s story of Alvin’s very first RV trip. Enjoy!

Time For A Checkup, Alvin!

Vet tech, Brian, holds Alvin while Dr. Robinson cleans the abscess. Alvin was a good boy - not even a whimper.

It’s been 3½ weeks since I picked up Alvin from the Animal Clinic Of Morris Plains. The amazing professionals there saved Alvin’s life with special treatments after he was diagnosed with Parvo. We know that Alvin’s made a lot of…

Let’s Get Packing!

ALVIN ASKS: Why can't I take ALL of them with me?
LOLA SEZ: Alvin, we're only gonna be away for TWO nights! Geeze . . .

We’re all going on our first real RVing adventure tomorrow. Alvin’s already explored Lola’s rolling doghouse and seems to be okay with it. We’ll see . . . But first, we need to get ready and pack for the trip!

On The Nose

I’ve never had an adult dog – neither a family dog nor a foster dog – that had pink spots on their nose. Sure, I’ve fostered puppies like that. But, when they grew up, their noses filled in. Alvin’s about…